What is decluttering?

September 11th, 2012

If you are chronically disorganized, you do not have idea about it. But if someone, exasperated by your disorder, has put a hand on it, know that this is decluttering, or rather the art of throwing out. Because who is observing, evaluating and choosing the best thing to keep, the most beautiful, the most in good condition, the most full of memories, can only be an artist. Ok, but let not fall in sentimentalisms, because one, two, ten objects can have a meaning related to a special moment… but certainly not a whole house!


So why not follow the practical advices for those who are beginners in decluttering but would like to take advantages of this new beginning that suggests us, like every year in the month of September, how to put order and cleanness?



  1. First of all, avoid unnecessary purchases: try to imagine that you already had this item and if you already put it aside in some corner of the house, do not buy it will be the first step through the recovery!
  2. If you are not sure to throw all that instead should be thrown, park your things in one part of the house for a few days. Only the best will survive!
  3. Every day for one week, take two bags, one of things to throw and one of things to give or to offer … you will see that your house will be free at the end of the week!
  4. We always use the same clothes, no need to lie with yourself; we can use the trick of the cupboard: hang the clothes always in the same direction so to let them rotate in the course of the days. It works!
  5. Ask yourself if what you have in front of you has been worn or used in the last few months: if the answer is no, do not waste any time and get rid of it.
  6. The decluttering should also start with small things: throw the receipts from the wallet, throw out the toothless hair clip, throw also the used elastic for the hair and the pen that does not write … small steps …
  7. And if instead of throwing everything you can take the opportunity to organize a great party with your friends where each brings some of its items abandoned in order to exchange them? You will save in purchases and you have released the cupboard from useless mummies!



And you? Do you have any suggestion to drill a perfect decluttering?





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